Guest Blog: Ken Gort Talks Emergency Permitting on Hilton Head Island; Part II

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Here are a few examples of how I have helped over 100 of your island neighbors in securing their Emergency Permit and protecting their properties:

Fresh Market Shoppes on Wm. Hilton Parkway: The EP allows them to reconstruct 45 parking spaces currently located in the buffer that extends 50′ into the property from the R.O.W. per the latest Land Management Ordinance design standards. The potential loss of these spaces would have resulted in the retail shopping mall to have been approved to rebuild 5000-6000 fewer sf of rental space. The LMO determines the amount of allowable retail space based upon the number of parking spaces provided. Secondly, their primary property identification signage is nonconforming in both size and location. However it can be rebuild as it exists today due to the EP.

The Sokol Residence at 23 Driftwood Lane in North Forest Beach: Their home was built in the early 1800’s on an oceanfront lot. They currently have nonconforming buffer and setback issues on all 4 sides of the property. They also exceed the amount of allowable impervious surface area which includes roofs, drives, parking, decks and pool. The EP granted even allows them to rebuild a portion of the deck that extends beyond their property line into the South Carolina public beach strand.

The Hilton Head Boathouse Restaurant and Marina on Wild Horse Road: This property has significant nonconforming setback and buffer from the SC Coastal Council critical line along the wetlands. The property also has impervious surface, on site storm water detention and parking non conformities that would render the property impossible to be developed under the current LMO for its present mixed use.

In addition to securing Emergency Permits, Digital Docs also offers a service called “documenting what’s valuable”. We will visit your business and/or home to digitally photograph all your possessions. The fee for our standard package is $595. The services and product includes on site interior digital photography, all the photographs will be displayed in a presentation album with space available for the owner to identify and describe each item.

I can be contacted by email or by phone 843-384-6566 to answer your questions and provide a quotation of the fee to secure an Emergency Permit for your property.

Thank You,

Kenneth L. Gort, Architect, Owner of Digital Docs





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