Supreme Court Rules on Obamacare- What does it really mean to everyone?

Continuation of more Federal dollars to support health insurance premiums – that is basically it.   A good friend of mine, Sterling Shuttleworth, retired founder of Venture Captive Management, also an expert with over 45 years in the healthcare insurance consulting field, shed some light on what he sees and has seen as our biggest health insurance issue.  Here are some of his thoughts:

The real issue is what also occurred yesterday June 24th.  A joint Congressional Panel heard 4 State Insurance Commissioners state the following – the average increases in exchange, private and group health insurance premiums will rise 22.5% or higher.   The reason, more sick people entered the health insurance system and young healthy people exited.  Health rates are well under prices for 2015-16. Right now claims are 2 times greater than the revenues generated.  All the plans are “unsustainable”.

Some of us knew this over 4 years ago when the Society of Actuaries stated this and it was ignored.

Who is the biggest elephant in the room driving up all these costs?  Us, we……..

We continue to laugh off wellness, proper diet, exercise, smoking and other detriments to a healthy lifestyle.  The frequency of the 5 preventable diseases is the Major Cost Driver of our healthcare costs and thus health insurance costs.

It is in your hands, what are you going to do about?

Insurance for Valuable Items

Do you own certain items which are special or carry a high monetary value? Are they items that may also appreciate in value or be a one of a kind item?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not provide you sufficient limits or broad enough coverage for certain personal items such as jewelry, silverware, furs, guns, paintings or other artwork. Many of these items have maximum limits insured under most homeowner’s insurance policies from $500 to $2,500. You determine the value of the items to insure or can submit an appraisal of the item.

The limitation is the amount usually provided by the homeowner’s policy is not the only shortcoming for insuring special items. Additional types of risk or perils can be insured under valuable floater coverage such as worldwide coverage, mysterious disappearance, and expand the policy to include claims arising from breakage. If you accidently damage a fragile item by dropping it or it falling off a shelf or wall, it is covered. Many of the valuable article floater policies usually have no deductible.

Any personal items which you want the broadest type of coverage should be considered for a valuable articles floater policy.