Specific Insurance Needs of Renters

As a renter, you need different coverage than your homeowner counterparts. While they may need to insure the structure against a variety of disasters, you just need renters insurance SC to help protect yourself from financial loss.

Theft is a common risk for renters, especially in large apartment communities with little security. Contrary to popular belief, when your home is broken into, the landlord is not responsible for paying to replace the lost items. The same is true if your apartment was badly damaged by a fire or natural disaster. By purchasing coverage for your personal belongings, you can help ensure you live in the same comfort you were accustomed to before the calamity.

As a renter, you should also consider obtaining liability insurance. Unless you will never have anyone inside your apartment, you should protect your assets from potential liability lawsuits related to an individual being injured within the confines of your residence. Accidents occur every day and if you do not want to be left paying damages, you need liability coverage.

With renters insurance, SC residents should carefully consider what they want to insure and for how much. This can help make sure that they are adequately compensated after a loss.



Does Your South Carolina Insurance Policy Need Updated?

Are you the person who gets your insurance renewal from your agent, send the payment, and expect to forget about your insurance until next year? Unfortunately, that is an ongoing issue and a reason why many people are most likely underinsured or maybe paying too much.

Here are some changes you may need to tell your insurance agent:

Home renovation / improvements – It is possible for your home to be underinsured if you have changed a few things.

Marital status – If you’ve gotten married you could qualify for a multi-car discount on your South Carolina auto insurance

Did you retire? Your auto insurance premium will most likely be reduced due to the fact that your annual mileage should decrease.

Have you added an alarm system for your home with central station reporting? You may qualify for a homeowners premium discount.

Do you carpool? You may need to increase your liability limits as you will be carrying more passengers.

Scheduled items – if you’ve purchased a new piece of art or jewelry, you may need to add an endorsement to your South Carolina home insurance as you may be seriously underinsured.

Do any of these apply to you? Call us today to go discuss your insurance policy and see what we can do for you. We look forward to saving you money! 800-321-8037

New Refrigerator Designs

You may have had experience with unreliable refrigerators in the past; faulty wiring, failures of fans and motors, and fittings that break, are common refrigerator problems.  South Carolina home insurance isn’t designed to cover faulty fridges, although if your fridge is destroyed by an event covered by your policy, you’re entitled to make a claim.  

Refrigerator manufacturers have recognized the design shortcomings of older models and are starting to offer refrigerators that are more efficient, flexible and reliable. Some manufacturers are now even selling refrigerators with flat screen LCD television screens mounted on the doors. You need never miss a second of your favorite programs while you cook or clean the kitchen – or sneak a snack!  

Until fairly recently you could choose any color as long as it was white, and your biggest dilemma was whether to have a freezer compartment above or below the refrigerator compartment. Anyone who’s in the market for a new refrigerator these days has a daunting number of options; cabinets come in a range of finishes including brightly colored enamel and stainless steel, freezer and refrigerator compartments may be side by side as well as one above the other, and some models have a pair of French-style doors. 

Are you planning to remodel your kitchen and replace your old refrigerator with one of these stylish appliances? Don’t forget to discuss your plans with your agent or insurer, as home improvements that increase the value of your home contents or the cost of re-building may have implications for South Carolina home insurance.


Things to Consider when Planning a Major Home Improvement Project

Are you planning to undertake extensive improvements to your home in South Carolina? This is an ambitious project to manage yourself, so it’s important to be prepared for some of the challenges you are likely to encounter. It’s essential to carry South Carolina home insurance as financial protection from mishaps and accidents that can happen.

There are countless things to plan for when managing a major project. Let’s look at a few of the financial risks that should be managed.

•It’s essential to be clear about what your building contractors’ quotes include.  Ask questions to clarify quotes; it’s risky to assume that there will be no additional charges, and your budget should have a generous allowance for unforeseen contingencies.
•Much of the work on your project will be time-critical and must be undertaken in the right sequence. Factors such as weather, delays in delivery of materials, labor shortages and technical problems can disrupt work on a task, and each disruption can delay the tasks that follow. Make sure that you are protected from the risk of delays and interruptions in your project schedule.
•Properties that are being remodeled have a high risk of damage by fire or vandalism. Consider the need for additional insurance for your home while it is unoccupied.

Careful planning is the key to a successful major home improvement project. South Carolina home insurance protection may help you to manage some of the financial risks of your project.  


Important! South Carolina Insurance & the Superbowl!

Superbowl Sunday. It is not your typical day of football. It is that one day of the year when the two best NFL football teams compete for the title of Superbowl Champion. What does that mean for football fans everywhere? Superbowl parties, of course! Now it literally is as they say “All fun and games until someone gets hurt.” But we aren’t talking about the football game; we are talking about the parties. How can you protect yourself and prevent a liability disaster this Sunday? Your South Carolina Insurance may somewhat protect you, but also depends on the situation.

Here are a few suggestions from the Insurance Information Institute on how to protect yourself and prevent a liability problem:

  • Discuss with your agent about what is covered if you have a party at your home where guests may be drinking – you may also want to think about having the party elsewhere to limit your liability.
  • Understand the South Carolina laws regarding social host liability law as it is possible to be sued for negligence.
  • Designate drivers or call a cab and be sure your guests utilize either if needed.
  • If you are hosting a party, be responsible and limit your drinking so as to not alter your own judgment for your guests’ safety sake.
  • Have plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks to offset the alcohol.

Now, whether or not you are hosting a Superbowl party, make an appointment with your South Carolina insurance agent to discuss your liability coverage. Prevent problems before they happen.

Party on – but read the South Carolina Social Host Liability laws first: http://www.socialhostliability.org/NHTSA/SouthCarolina.pdf

Read more ways to prevent Social Host Liability issues from the Insurance Information Institute:  http://www.iii.org/press_releases/tips-for-planning-a-super-bowl-party-serve-alcohol-responsibly-review-your-insurance.html

Some Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting

Many householders are looking to use energy more efficiently. Using
energy-efficient devices in the home saves on energy bills and, more
importantly, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is a more sustainable
way of living. Some innovative energy-efficient devices may even help to
reduce the cost of South Carolina home insurance.

Buying appliances like washing machines and air conditioning systems
with high Energy Star ratings that use energy efficiently may be the
first idea that comes to people when they start thinking about
conserving energy. However, every little counts, and consistently using
energy efficient lighting can certainly contribute to a sustainable

Low-cost, simple lighting solutions include using low wattage compact
fluorescent bulbs and replacing inefficient multi-bulb fittings with
single light fittings. Dust on light fittings reduces light output, so
something as simple as keeping light fittings free of dust can help to
reduce energy usage.

Roof solar panels providing free solar power are not an option that’s
available to every household. However, someone who does not have solar
panels on their roof can still tap into free power by using lights with
their own inbuilt solar panels.

Solar powered security spotlights that generate their own energy are an example of a highly cost-effective and energy efficient
lighting solution. In addition to reducing energy consumption, by
enhancing home security with these devices and other simple measure you
may even qualify you for discounted South Carolina home insurance premiums.