Insurance for Major Renovations

Are you considering a major home renovation project in South Carolina? The key to a successful remodel of your home is meticulous planning and attention to detail. You will be striving to keep control of a large renovation budget and a multitude of different activities and in a major project there is much scope for mishaps and miscalculations. Various insurance products provide protection from the financial consequences of building risks, and it may be prudent to engage a South Carolina insurance agency to help you to manage those risks.

An important decision to be made when a home renovation project is being planned is whether you intend to live on site during the renovation project or move into temporary accommodation. The outcome of this decision will certainly influence the schedule and cost of the project.

It’s essential that you understand your insurance protection, particularly the risks that are covered and excluded during major renovations. Home renovation work increases the risk of losses, and you may wish to consider purchasing a building construction endorsement to provide coverage for risks like theft, vandalism and loss of materials stored on the building site.

A South Carolina insurance agency is staffed by experienced professionals who live in your local community and are knowledgeable about the challenges you face when undertaking a major home renovation project. Their help with the insurance aspects of your home renovation may be invaluable.


Safety Tips for Black Friday Shoppers!

Are you one of those shoppers heading out Thanksgiving night to get those great door-buster deals? Well – you aren’t the only one. The National Retail Federation estimates that up to 152 million people plan to venture out late Thursday night into Black Friday. What does that mean to you? The parking lots are going to be nothing less than packed out-of-control danger zones.

Here are a few tips for safe driving so you can spend your hard earned money on gifts for your family instead of on your South Carolina Auto Insurance.

  • Do not throw your normal driving etiquette out the window, when waiting for a spot do not block vehicles that are searching for empty spaces. Also, when parking, make sure your vehicle is fully in the parking spot so as to not disrupt neighboring spaces and possibly cause a dent in your door.
  • Drive slowly, keep your lights on (even in the daytime), and be sure to use your turning signal.
  • Be patient – even low-speed collisions can cause serious injuries. Resist the urge to honk or give in to road rage. Everyone is there for the same reason, so be gracious instead of creating anger.
  • Be cautious when backing out of parking spots – be sure that another car is not backing up at the same time, or that there are no pedestrians crossing behind your vehicle. You can always have your shopping partner get out of the car and be the lookout.
  • Be a good pedestrian, do not walk and text, do not walk in the middle of the lane, use crosswalks, and return your shopping cart or give to a shopper walking into the store.
  • Watch for children – it is often difficult to see small children from your vehicle so be extra cautious.
  • Choose a parking space that is further from the store. Shoppers are always fighting for the closest parking spot and the ones further away are going to be less hassle when parking, maneuvering, and leaving. Plus, you will get your exercise.

Also, this is the time of year when shoppers need to be extra cautious of thieves. Keep all purchased gifts out of sight. The trunk of your car is usually the best place to hide gifts, but if you do not have a trunk, bring a blanket to cover the items. If purchasing expensive items, such as a large flat panel television, you could arrange for someone to bring it home while you continue to shop. Most insurance policies do not cover the items in your car. Be alert, lock your car, and make sure the windows are up.

Happy Shopping – and remember that your South Carolina Insurance Agency is here if you have any questions.

Choosing the Colors of Tiles for Your Wet Room

Have you heard that bathrooms are a thing of the past? Wet rooms are the latest craze in home design. These rooms – bathrooms with showers but without shower stalls or enclosures – have to be carefully designed and  built to avoid compromising South Carolina home insurance, so the homeowner’s opportunities for creativity and self-expression are somewhat limited – except when it comes to choosing the colors of tiles.  Here are some tips on choosing tiles that will make a splash in your wet room!

  • Create an impression of space. Choose tile colors that complement the space in your wet room; remember that dark colors make a space appear smaller and light colors make it appear larger. Consider using feature tiles if you really want to incorporate some dark colors into a small wet room and also want to achieve a spacious look.
  • Draw the eye to a feature of the wet room. Colored tiles can be used to draw the eye to a feature of the wet room, such the shower area or a beautiful mirror. This techniques works best when the main tiles are white or a neutral color and you choose a tile in an interesting color to highlight the feature.
  • Set the mood of the room. The color of your tiles will have a huge impact on the wet room’s mood. Do you want to create an austere Zen retreat, a dramatic Hollywood extravaganza or a girly boudoir? Consider bold colors for creating dramatic looks, go for classic white, black or grey for a timeless room, and choose earth tones, greens, blues, or soft purple shades for a calming effect.

Choosing tiles for your wet room is your chance to get creative, expresses your true essence, make a statement. When you come back down to earth, remember to talk to your South Carolina home insurance provider about your plans to install a wet room so that your level of coverage can be reviewed and adjusted to take any additional home value into consideration.


Consult a South Carolina Insurance Agency for Expert Advice

Buying insurance is not something that people do every day, and being faced with the need to make decisions about complex insurance issues can be a headache. Consulting a South Carolina insurance agency can reduce some of the anxiety and pressure that people feel when they’re a little out of their depth.

A local insurance agency is staffed by people who know your community and neighborhood and, more importantly, know about insurance. Discussing your insurance needs with an insurance agent can help you to gather all the information you need to make decisions about important insurance coverage to protect your assets. An insurance agency can arrange for competitive quotations from a variety of insurance providers and can help you assess and evaluate the quotations to identify which policy offers the best value for your situation.

Working with an insurance agency is very helpful when you’re purchasing insurance, but the service doesn’t end there. Your agent can keep you informed of developments in the insurance industry that might affect your coverage, remind you when it’s time to renew or review policies, and help with some of the tedious chores when you are filing insurance claims.

Our South Carolina insurance agency can help you with a variety of insurance coverage such as life insurance, business, auto and home insurance, and more. Having a single point of call saves time and makes management of your insurance affairs much more straightforward and simple. It makes sense to go to insurance experts when you are making an important investment that could affect your financial future.


South Carolina Insurance Agency

Entrusting a reputable South Carolina insurance agency for all your insurance needs can have a number of advantages. In addition to being able to save you time when it comes to finding out what you need to know about different types of insurance, a good agent may be able to help you in one or more of the ways listed below.

  • Arrange a variety of quotes for you to help ensure you get value for money insurance, whether it’s on home, business or auto insurance. 
  • In the event that your requirements are a little out of the ordinary, or some insurers aren’t keen to provide the coverage you need, your agent can spend time sourcing the type of coverage you need and may be able to recommend an insurer who specializes in that area.
  • A good agent can often tell you about strategies to keep your insurance costs low over the longer term without compromising the coverage you require.
  • When it comes to filing a claim, your agent can assist you with all the paperwork and let you know what is happening at each stage of your claim.
  • Your agent can remind you when it’s time to renew or review your policies.

You can experience the difference that comes with dealing with a good South Carolina insurance agency by calling us today.