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Another Disaster Is Just Around The Corner!

Ok, maybe not, but you never know when a disaster could strike. We know that you have already looked at your South Carolina Home Insurance policy when the hurricane was headed this way, but what about inside your home? If your home gets destroyed, do you have an inventory of all your personal belongings?

I stumbled across this website from a fellow insurance company and felt it would be very valuable to our clients, as well as anyone who lives in an area that could be stricken by a disaster or even a theft. This website, Archive Your Home – www.archiveyourhome.com – allows you to enter and keep track of everything you own. You are able to enter receipts, pictures, and anything about the item you want. All of the items are stored in a database, and you have access just by logging in with your username and password.

The two biggest benefits of using Archive Your Home is that it will help you determine the correct amount of contents coverage you need on your insurance policy, and in turn could save you money. Also, in the event you need to make a claim, it could help to get it processed more easily and quickly since you will already have an inventory of your personal items.

Do you know the correct value of everything you own? Most people do not which is why they are turning to Archive Your Home to keep track. Let us know if you are interested in archiving your home and we will help you get started.

Beacon is here to answer your questions about your home insurance as well as your South Carolina Auto Insurance. Michele and Kris are ready to help you in the personal lines department; contact them if you have any questions! 877-321-8037

Your insurance policy was not written by an alien!

Hurricane Irene has passed us, and if you are like most of the people on the coast you have probably taken a second look at your homeowner’s insurance policy.   In hopes of reading, and understanding, what your policy covers, you quickly realize that it must have been written by an alien.   Fortunately, it was not, and we are here to help you understand what all those words mean and what your policy is made up of.

Homeowners policies may differ in actual structure; however, most contain the same basic components.

  • Declarations Page — Usually the first page of your homeowners insurance policy, it contains name and address of the insured, dollar amount of coverage in the policy, description of the insured property, cost of the insurance, name of the insurance company insuring the risk, and contact information.
  • Definitions — Clarifies terms used in the policy.
  • Insuring Agreement or Clause – Contains the insurers promise to pay.  Lists the parties to the contract, dates the policy is in place, and the description of coverage provided.
  • Coverage — Details the extent of protection for both property (house, structures, contents) and liability (bodily injury or property damage to others for which you are liable) in your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Conditions — Outlines the responsibilities of both the insured and insurance company under the policy. Your duties in the event of a loss, and also the procedures the company will follow to settle any losses, are detailed here.
  • Exclusions — Explanation of what and who are not covered.
  • Endorsements — Printed addendums to a contract that are used to change the policy’s original terms, conditions, or coverages.
    • A homeowners insurance policy can be very confusing – and so can your South Carolina Auto Insurance policy.   The limits vary widely, so it is important to understand the terms on your policy.  Please do not hesitate to give Beacon Insurance Group a call, or send an email, as our agents are extremely knowledgeable and here to help you with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!