Protect Yourself from the After Effects of Flooding in South Carolina

In many parts of the country summer brings late afternoon thunderstorms and rain, not to mention tropical storms and cyclones. Having insurance coverage to protect your home and possessions is vital if you live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions, and even if you are not in a high risk area, disaster can strike unexpectedly. One after-effect of severe weather which many people do not take into consideration when planning their insurance needs is flooding. Make sure you have a South Carolina flood insurance policy on your home for maximum protection.

The combination of sun baked ground and heavy rain can contribute to excessive surface runoff and flash flooding, even in areas which are not generally considered at high risk of flooding. Even a small flood can destroy your home and possessions and be extremely costly and time-consuming to clean up, so it is important to be protected in order to help alleviate the financial difficulties that could be caused by flood damage at your home.

Flood insurance does not form part of general homeowners’ insurance and needs to be purchased separately. To find out more about South Carolina flood insurance and how to purchase it, contact your agent.




Is Window Security Film a Good Investment?

What are the benefits of having a renters insurance in SC? Some advantages include the potential for compensation after theft and assistance with liability costs in the event of a third party injury on the premises. However it may be best to avoid having to lodge an insurance claim if you can. What extra security precautions do you have in place? Have you considered installing security window film? There are many advantages to this product that may make it a worthwhile investment for you.

  • It could help minimize bright glare in the room without diminishing the amount of sunlight that streams in.
  • It may also help improve energy efficiency, reducing the heat lost during the winter and gained during the summer.
  • As much as 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays could be blocked by window film.
  • It may prevent the sun’s rays from fading your fabrics and furnishings.
  • The adhesive is designed to help prevent broken glass from flying into the room should the window be shattered, reducing the chances of injury.

Window security film has more uses than many people realize. It is often easy to install and relatively inexpensive. As a tenant, while your renters insurance in SC might provide a means of compensation if your home is broken into, it cannot enhance your personal safety. Any inexpensive and common sense measures you can take to improve safety might be well worth it.


Can Your Budget Afford a Renter’s Insurance in SC Premium?

Renters insurance in SC should be considered a necessity for all apartment dwellers. Renters insurance is often much more affordable than believed. Renters insurance offers a variety of benefits, including liability coverage and compensation in the event of theft, so it might be well worth your time to find room for the premiums in your monthly budget. Here are a few changes you may want to consider applying to help you cut back on unnecessary spending and allow you to better coverage.

You may want to try to save money on your utility bills.

  • Turn off all lights and electrical items when leaving a room.
  • Unplug devices when they are not in use.
  • Talk to your property manager about switching to energy efficient appliances.
  • Replace your current light bulbs with spiral bulbs.

Small changes to your lifestyle could also save you money.

  • Switch to a less expensive cable television plan.
  • Instead of eating out, make delicious and healthful home-made meals for your family.
  • Ensure you pay bills on time to avoid late fees – several late fees a month could be costing you more than a renter’s policy premium!

Renter’s insurance is often less costly than first thought. With a few simple saving strategies, you could be well on your way to freeing up extra funds for your renters insurance in SC policy. Obtaining coverage is money well spent when you consider the cash you could save after a covered disaster.


Workplace Safety Tips That Should Always Be Followed

Has your business every experienced an on-the-job injury? It may be a very stressful situation, even with SC workers comp to cover the expenses. The goal of every business owner should be to provide a safe working environment for all employees. How could you achieve this?

  • Have regular safety meetings to remind staff of common mistakes on the job and to discuss new hazards.
  • Choose a manager to be in charge of running regular safety reviews on all employees.
  • Make following safety regulations mandatory. Termination should be a consequence for those who engage in risk behavior.
  • Have safety rules posted on large, easy-to-read signs.
  • Provide the appropriate gear, such as gloves, goggles, and lifting belts.
  • Keep the warehouse and all other areas on the property clean and clutter-free.
  • Take suggestions from your front line workers on how to improve the safety of your business.

Have you ever had to file a claim on your SC workers comp policy? Even if your business has been injury-free since it was establishment, there is always a possibility of an accident occurring. Do your best to uphold the safety rules of your workplace and make sure your workers do the same.


Beacon Hold Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce Kickoff Event

Beacon Insurance Group, with the help of many other sponsors, held the Greater Bluffton Chamber Kickoff Event and Membership Drive last Thursday April 26th. The successful event, created to celebrate the new Chamber of Commerce in Bluffton South Carolina, had over 300 attendees from around the area. The Chamber has over 50 memberships, with Beacon Insurance Group being an original Charter Member. 

With the help of many local businesses, Shellie West Hodges and Don Brashears created the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s mission is to “Promote and represent area businesses in the growth of commerce and community, as well as fair and equal business practices for the Bluffton area.”

By holding monthly meetings, networking events, and business expos, the Bluffton Chamber would like to help businesses prosper and grow. The Chamber would like to increase job opportunities, encourage orderly economic development, and contribute to the overall economic stability of the community.

As listed on the Chamber website, here are the top 10 reasons to join the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce:

  1 New member announcement in monthly newsletter

  2 Introduction at networking event(s)

  3 New member booth at the Quarterly Social

  4 Inclusion on chamber’s Directory page with link to your website page

  5 Members’ printed material displayed at the Chamber Business Center

  6 Opportunity to host Quarterly Social / morning & evening networking

  7 Bluffton Business Expo & referrals

  8 Daily coffee available at the Center

  9 Use of WiFi

10 Nominal fee for use of boardroom

Beacon Insurance Group is a proud member and partner of the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce. For more information about the new Chamber, check out their website: