How Much Do You Know About SC Workers Comp?

No matter what type business you operate, the possibility of an employee being injured on the job is a very real one. Having the right amount SC workers comp in place could make a big difference in how quickly your business bounces back from the incident.

Workers’ compensation is the oldest social insurance program in the country. South Carolina employers are required by law to carry coverage even if they have just one employee, except in cases where they have a specific exemption. The coverage typically handles such items as medical costs and temporary disability benefits, as well as replacement for lost wages. One of the goals of workers’ compensation is to reduce court costs and the judicial overload of handling such matters through personal injury litigation. 

Some industries are obviously much more dangerous than others are. Still, serious accidents happen in all lines of work. Take a close look at what puts your people at risk and look for ways to minimize accidents. Always encourage your staff to share safety concerns before they progress into real problems. Create an environment where workers participate in the planning and implementation of safety programs.

From Charleston’s Battery Park to Columbia’s State House, business is growing in the Palmetto State. A sudden accident could quickly sideline a small company without the appropriate insurance policies in place. SC workers comp could help pay for injuries on the job, ensuring your business survives. 



How to Prevent Fire-Related Claims to your Renters Insurance in SC

Are you one of the many tenants who don’t have renters insurance SC? You should seriously reconsider. In 2010 alone, about 5,000 residential fires occurred in South Carolina according to the Fire Marshal’s office. Unfortunately, if you were to experience one of these fires as a renter, your landlord’s insurance isn’t designed to cover any of your personal belongings. 

Your landlord’s insurance is designed to cover only damage to the structure and appliances owned by the landlord. With renters’ insurance, you could be compensated for your losses. You should also be wary of the following items, as they have been responsible for many a fire.

  • Laptops are considered a fire hazard. The battery pack could get extremely hot with continuous use. By placing it on top of a flammable surface, like cloth (your bed, for example) or paper, a fire could become a very real possibility.
  • Dryer lint is another common culprit. It may seem like an unimportant task, but it is vital you clean your vents. The buildup of lint could be extremely flammable.
  • Electric blankets are also big hazards. Many of the newer ones have a safety mechanism built in, but the older models could get hot enough to catch fire and old wiring in old blankets can be a problem.

Do your best to prevent these and any other fire hazards around your home. In addition, do not count on your landlord’s insurance to protect you. Purchase your own renters insurance SC

policy today. Contact us for more information. 


Choosing a Home Rental

Choosing to rent a home instead of buying may be a great way to save money because you could be spared from maintenance expenses, down payments, and Association fees. When determining your budget for a rental, consider additional costs such as utilities and renters insurance SC. Certain cities, especially in college and coastal towns, have an abundance of rentals. Here are some tips in finding the rental home that is best for you.

First, determine what is most important to you in a home. While it is easy to be lured by historic architecture in an older home, keep in mind that older homes can be harder to heat and cool. Are you someone who likes a climate-controlled environment all year? Then you may want to look for energy efficient windows, newer construction, and lower square footage. Conversely, if you are not bothered by extreme summer heat or winter frost, you may be willing trade some comfort in exchange for the added charm of an older home.

Thinking about how you use your home could also help you determine the square footage you need. While older homes often have an abundance of space, they are also lacking in modern amenities such as closets and storage. Often, the efficiency of a home’s space is much more important than the home’s actual size.

No matter what kind of home you choose to rent, be sure to cover your property with adequate renters insurance SC. To obtain a policy at an affordable rate, contact an agent today.


Would you like to save up to 30% on your South Carolina Auto Insurance?

In a land far, far away the car insurance isn’t based on a random rates, it is based on how you drive – oh wait, that is happening here, right now! It is called the Snapshot and it is the property of Progressive Insurance!

What is this crazy thing called a Snapshot? It is a small device that you plug into your car and it records your driving habits. It records how you drive, how much you drive, and when you drive. The information pulled from the Snapshot is then used to provide you with an accurate rate, including a discount up to 30%!



How does it work?

  • Ask your agent if Snapshot would work for you. There are a few questions your South Carolina Car Insurance agent will ask you, and will help you determine if you are a good fit.
  • Get the device from Progressive and plug the device into your vehicle. Don’t worry; the Snapshot will come with directions.
  • After 30 days, check your savings! All you have to do is log in to your policy on the Progressive Agent site (Your agent can help you with this also), and view your driving data and the potential discount. If there is a discount, it is automatically applied to your policy.
  • After having the device installed for 6 months, you will send the device back to Progressive.

Now you may be asking yourself a few questions – can the Snapshot ‘hurt’ my rate? How long does my discount last? The great thing about the Snapshot is that it cannot make your rate increase, it can only help you. Also, the discount is there for all future renewals, and as long as you are insured with Progressive!

Remember that your Beacon Insurance agent has your best interest in mind and is very knowledgeable with this product. Michele and Kris would be very happy to discuss your options with you!

For more information on the Snapshot, please visit: 

Why Have Renters’ Insurance in SC?

Because of the current state of the economy, many individuals and families are foregoing homeownership and are renting instead. Leasing an apartment or home has a variety of benefits – you may not be responsible for many utilities, necessary maintenance is often performed free of charge to the tenant, and apartment complexes often come with an assortment of amenities, such as a pool. Just like homeowners, however, people who lease need to get sufficient renters insurance SC. This coverage may help replace their belongings after a disaster or pay for liability claims. Why do you need to obtain renters’ insurance?

Insurance can often seem like a bill that we keep paying and paying, never to see anything in return – but when something serious does occur, that insurance policy can suddenly seem like a bargain purchase! The fact is that very few tenants or home owners could afford to re-purchase the entire contents of their homes after a fire or another serious calamity.

Is it time you too out renters insurance SC? It’s a small price to pay for the security of knowing that the investment you have made in clothing, furniture, appliances and other personal possessions won’t go up in smoke, even if your possessions do!


Facts about Renters Insurance

When you rent an apartment, condo, or house, you may think that your landlord’s insurance will compensate for the losses you experience in the event of a disaster. The truth is, however, none of your personal property may be covered unless you have renters insurance. SC is especially prone to natural disasters so renters insurance should be considered a necessity.

Renters’ insurance should be purchased at a rate of coverage to protect all your personal belongings within your dwelling. Examples of personal property include your electronics, furniture, clothing, and any other item you may keep inside the home. Renters’ insurance may cover your property in the event of weather disasters, fire and theft.

This coverage also helps protect you from third party injury or damages caused within your rental home. For example, if a guest slips and falls in your bathroom, renters insurance could pay for the expensive medical bills related to the incident. 

In addition, if you need to move out of your abode for a period of time due to floods or fire, for example, your policy may provide reimbursement for the cost of hotel bills and purchased meals. This is known as “additional living expenses” coverage.

Many new renters do not purchase renters’ insurance, either because the risk of loss just seems too remote or coverage seems too expensive. Disaster could strike when you least expect it and many renters are surprised by the relatively low cost of renters insurance SC, so it really is worthwhile being prepared for the worst by purchasing a policy now.