Beacon Insurance Group Voted “Best Insurance Agency” by The Island Packet Readers!

Beacon Insurance Group was named Best Insurance Agency by The Island Packet’s 2012 Readers’ Choice Award. In addition, Beacon Insurance Group’s owner, Brian Rose, was named Best Insurance Agent of the year.

“When choosing an insurance agency, clients are looking for someone who not only understands their insurance needs, but the complicated insurance market. Beacon Insurance begins with listening to the client, and then assists in providing solutions that are designed specifically for them,” claims The Island Packet. The Island Packet is a daily newspaper that serves residents of Beaufort, Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, South Carolina.

We have a strong commitment to community involvement and giving back. We feel that because we are active in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hilton Head & Bluffton, Hilton Head Rotary, the Community Association Institute, and the Greater Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, among other reasons, it sets us apart from the other agencies in the area.

Brian said “I would like to say thank you to all our clients, companies, supporters, and most of all the dedicated staff for helping us be the best agency and agent.”

All of us at Beacon are proud to be the #1 insurance Agency and Agent. We couldn’t be anymore happy with the way the Island Packet Reader’s voted, and are committed to upholding the honor!

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Good Hygiene – Essential after Flooding

Floods are one of the most damaging types of natural disasters. Your home could be swept away, your belongings soaked, and your landscaping drowned. Should you obtain a South Carolina flood insurance policy, you could be compensated for these losses. One danger many people do not consider after a flood is sickness. With various containments carried in by the flood and a lack of clean water, it is not uncommon for victims to become ill. How could you prevent germs from harming your family?

Hand washing is essential after cleaning and relieving yourself as well as before you eat. Proper hand washing takes at least a full minute to complete. It does no good, however, to rinse your hands in contaminated water. Should clean water be scarce, a hand sanitizer gel could be used, but make sure it is at least 60 percent alcohol. It is important to note that hand sanitizers do not work if your hands have become visibly dirty.

It is important to wear the proper safety gear when cleaning your home after a flood. Even if your furnishings have dried, you should still wear gloves and mask until they have been disinfected. Do not hesitate to throw out fabrics and furniture should you suspect them to be filled with germs. The benefit of having South Carolina flood insurance is that you could receive help paying to replace damaged items.*

Simple Tips for Summer Parties

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, baby shower, or the season by having a barbeque with family and friends, summer parties can be an excellent way to unwind and have fun. They also pose unique risks to homeowners hosting the party. Here are some tips for keeping your summer party safe to avoid claims on your homeowners insurance:

  • Grill Safety – Barbecue grills contributed to an estimated 22,574 injuries in the U.S. in 2010, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Prevent grilling accidents by:
    • Checking gas grill hoses to ensure they’re not blocked, cracked or damaged, before use.
    • Avoiding all grilling activities in enclosed areas or on a terrace or roof.
    • Always having a working fire extinguisher nearby.
    • Monitoring alcohol consumption of the cook.
  • Pool Safety – There are on average around 5,100 pool-related injuries per year, according to the CPSC. Avoid pool accidents by:
    • Getting CPR certified.
    • Installing a gated fence around your pool to prevent small children and pets from gaining unassisted access.
    • Having plenty of floatation devices available to guests and creating a rule that all children wear floatation devices when near the pool.
    • Ensuring there is a sober adult watching the pool at all times.
  • Drinking & Eating Safety – It may be the last type of accident you’re concerned about but drinking responsibly and serving properly cooked food are vitally important to the safety of your guests and to your liability as a host. Here are some safety tips:
    • Offer plenty of food to guests to encourage them to eat a lot while drinking.
    • Monitor any raucous behavior and ensure anyone who appears to be inebriated has a responsible ride home.
    • Use meat thermometers to ensure all dishes are cooked to the appropriate internal temperature to prevent food poisoning.

These simple tips can help to ensure your summer parties remain fun and accident free!

Drying Your Home with Desiccants

With the risk of flooding constant, South Carolina flood insurance could be an essential investment for a large percentage of residents. The right policy could help you pay for damage to your home, as well as for temporary housing while repairs are being made. One of the hardest parts of dealing with flood damage may be drying out the affected rooms. When fans and dehumidifiers do not work, why not turn to desiccants?

Desiccants are hygroscopic substances. This means they absorb moisture. These materials come in handy when trying to dry small areas where air cannot move through. There are several choices when it comes to using desiccants to dry your home after a flood.

  • One of the simplest and easiest to get your hands on is clay-based kitty litter. Its clumping properties make it easy to clean once the water has been soaked up.
  • Mariners often use chemical dehumidifier packs to keep their boats dry below deck. When properly used, these yield the same results as electric dehumidifiers.
  • Calcium chloride pellets are often used during the winter to melt icy walkways. They are sometimes also used to sop up the excess water after a flood, but it is vital all directions and safety protocols are followed.

Floods are one of Mother Nature’s most destructive acts. Finding yourself without the proper coverage after massive flooding hits your city could be a financial nightmare you never recover from. Prepare now for such events by purchasing your own South Carolina flood insurance policy.*

Planning a Party in Your New Apartment?

As a young person, you may not have many valuable items in your apartment but that does not mean you do not need renters insurance in SC. An important part of a renter’s policy is liability, which is designed to contribute to the cost involved if a guest is injured on the premises or as a result of your actions. Are you planning to host a party in your new apartment? Did you know that your actions – such as allowing an individual to over indulge in alcohol – could mean you’re partially responsible for injuries that occur as a result?

Signs of drunkenness to look out for include slurred words, difficulties walking, and unusual behavior – individuals who exhibit these actions are likely to be drunk. Anyone who has over indulged in alcohol should not be allowed to drive home, so do your bit to ensure they get home safely – consider calling a taxi, arranging for someone sober to drive them, or showing them to the spare room!

There are a range of issues that can arise after alcohol consumption at parties – physical altercations between guests, accidental falls (over the furniture or the balcony!), and of course, car accidents.

Host your party with care. It might not hurt to make sure you have your insurance in place before the big night. Quotes for renters insurance in SC can be quickly obtained by getting in touch with our office.*

Floodwater Exposure Could Cause Serious Health Issues

When you purchased your South Carolina flood insurance, your intention was likely to reduce the financial strain such a disaster could cause your family. How much research have you done into the dangers of flooding? You are at risk for much more than drowning as floodwaters could threaten the health of your family. This is why it is so important to clean and sanitize everything after a flood has occurred.

Did you know floodwaters could be contaminated with bacteria? It is actually quite common for people who eat or drink things that have come into contact with floodwaters to become ill. You should not use your silverware, dishes and even canned or jarred foods until you have thoroughly washed them.

Illness could also follow contact with contaminated items, such as children’s toys. This is why it is immensely important to wash your children’s toys before they start playing with them again, but only the hard ones. Stuffed animals and other fabric items should be discarded and replaced if they’ve been immersed in flood waters.

During the aftermath of a flood, it is vital you frequently wash your hands. It is also vastly important to disinfect any scrapes or cuts that have been exposed to floodwaters. This could help limit the chance of you developing a bacterial infection.

You may want to add loss of use coverage to your South Carolina flood insurance policy. This could provide your family with hotel accommodation, which could help limit the risk you and your loved ones face from contaminated floodwaters.


Do You Have Reliable South Carolina Flood Insurance?

Experiencing a flood is a true catastrophe. One of the worst parts of flooding can be trying to piece your life back together after the water has receded. For those people who planned ahead and took the time to purchase South Carolina flood insurance, the stress of the situation may be diminished somewhat, as they have the hope of being compensated for the damage and losses.

Once the danger passes and the cleanup begins, safety should still be in the forefront of your mind. Do you have a young child? Here are a couple of tips to help you take care of your baby in the aftermath of a flood:

  • One of the most vital things to remember is that you should make a point of not consuming utility water directly after a flood. The city’s water supply could have been contaminated and may no longer be suitable to drink or to bathe in. Wait until the authorities give the “all-clear” before using it again.
  • Is your infant formula-fed? Consider stocking up on ready-made formula for emergency situations, to ensure a lack of water does not prevent you from feeding your baby. You should also have several cases of bottled water on hand for drinking and bathing.

You should not move back into your home until you have cleaned the residence fully. Having a South Carolina flood insurance policy in place could help ensure your family is able to relocate to a nearby hotel without undue financial burden.