Limit Your Financial Risk with Renters Insurance in SC

Imagine what would happen if a fire spreading through your apartment building. You may have to evacuate, taking only what you could grab on the way out the door. After the fire consumes the dwelling, you find out that your belongings were not covered under your landlord’s policy. By obtaining renters insurance in SC now, you could avoid having to start from zero.


Renters insurance could not only cover your possessions, but it may also include liability, which could prevent injuries to guests in the residence from eating up your savings. A comprehensive renters’ policy, however, could include much more. Your personal property could be covered after criminal acts, such as theft and vandalism. You could also get help paying for temporary housing while your rented property is being repaired. Your possessions may even be covered should damage occur while you are away from home, such as on vacation if you opt for this coverage.

While many renters do not think they have enough possessions to warrant coverage with renters insurance in SC, take stock of all your belongings and ask yourself, do you want to start all over from scratch? Renters could get substantial coverage for minimal costs. Considering the issue this way – the cost of replacing all your personal property probably far outweighs the cost of a policy.



How to File a Workers’ Comp Claim

As a business owner, you are responsible for providing your workers with a safe area to do their jobs. Part of this is obtaining the proper amount of SC workers comp to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve after an on-the-job accident. A claim should be submitted any time an employee reports a workplace injury. Follow these four steps when filing a workers’ comp claim.

After an injury, you should provide basic first aid. In the event that your employee needs professional medical care, call for an ambulance or get a supervisor to drive him or her to the ER. 
Take pictures to document the scene before cleanup begins. Make a note of any important details, such as equipment malfunction.
Contact your workers’ compensation provider or insurance agent immediately. Describe the situation and provide contact details for the injured employee.
Take steps to prevent a similar injury from occurring in the future.

It is also part of your responsibility is to make sure that you are reporting the matter as honestly as possible and filing the information in a timely manner. You may be required by law to carry SC workers comp, but having coverage benefits you as well. By accepting the workers’ compensation payments, the injured worker forfeits the right to sue.


Workers Comp Vital for Hospital Employees in South Carolina

With so many healthcare employers in South Carolina, SC workers comp for a hospital setting is one of the most important coverage types insurance carriers provide. Just as crucial from your point of view and your insurer’s should be employee safety education. Healthcare environments require specialized safety plans to protect both employees and patients.

Employees must receive education on infection control procedures.
Proper lifting of patients and correct patient transfer procedures must be practiced.
Needle injury prevention and proper disposal of bio-hazardous material is a vital safety precaution. 
Employees must go through fire safety and emergency communication training in case of a fire or accident.
There must be plans for natural disasters, terrorist attacks, chemical or hazardous spills, and personal safety precautions.

Some employees face potential hazards that are unique to their specific areas of healthcare such as employees who work in psychiatric wards, employees handling blood and other body fluids in labs, employees who work on infectious disease floors, and those who work with instruments in operating theaters. A SC workers comp agent who understands the healthcare industry, and who is experienced at ensuring that healthcare professionals have adequate protection as they go about the business of saving lives, is the best person to contact for more information. 


How to Work towards an Injury-Free Workplace

While SC workers comp may be required by law, the benefits it offers to you as the employer are substantial even if they don’t seem evident until a major injury occurs and your insurer picks up the tab. Nevertheless, it would be advantageous for you to take steps to limit the amount of accidents that occur at your business, as a zero-injury workplace is better for everyone and can help you to keep insurance costs down. Ideas include:

Offer ample breaks during work periods.
Pay attention to workplace ergonomics and improve them where possible.
Keep an eye out for dangerous habits, such as coming to work exhausted or drinking during lunch hour.
Provide adequate training before allowing someone to begin work.
Set up guidelines for safe use of equipment based on the manufacturer’s instructions.
Supply all necessary safety equipment.
Post signs to warn against hazards and advertise what gear is needed.
Complete regular safety checks to ensure all guidelines are being kept.

Since SC workers comp is typically not voluntary, there can be costly consequences for not obtaining the required coverage. Putting aside the chance of fines and having your business shut down, you leave yourself open to being pursued for reimbursement by the body that assists injured employees whose employers were uninsured. It really does pay to do the right thing.