Insurance and Advertising – What are they really trying to say?

There are a number of insurance carriers who advertise on TV, but what exactly is there real message? After all, these ads cost millions, so they are all looking for a return on investment.

Call me a skeptic but here is the formula as I see it, premiums – claims – operating costs = profit.

So, I promise cheaper premiums, my operating costs include millions in advertising and my shareholders want a profit. The only cost variable remaining is claims. I wonder after 15 minutes of saving 15 percent while being by their side if I really am in good hands?

Direct writers of insurance are the top spenders of advertising dollars on TV and other media. They will sell you what you ask for, but maybe not what you need. Can you imagine that philosophy if children were raised that way?

Independent insurance agents take the time to address you total risk and financial exposure. More options, more ideas, for their clients.